Fermez le bouche, Monsieur Gingrich…

15 Jan

So, apparently, our little toad friend Newt Gingrich has taken to blasting Mitt Romney for doing of all things, speaking a foreign language. While on the surface, this isn’t all that bad, but it’s which language he speaks that is so ghastly. Mitt Romney speaks – wait for it – French!!! Mon dieu!!!

Take a peek at this painfully sad/hilarious spot Newt is now running in South Carolina:


So is it just me, or has the GOP become the party of dullards and dimwits?!? I guess if you possess anything beyond a high school diploma or can manage to tell the difference between a similie and a metaphor, you’re an elitist, socialist, cake eating malcontent who’s bent on forcing your proper grammar and diction onto the “Average Joe” of this great country. Why is being intelligent so frowned on by the GOP? Why is anything grouned in academia or science essentially taboo if you sit on the right side of the aisle? And God forbid you speak the languge of those damned “frogs”.

I decided to do a little digging and found some pretty interesting tidbits. Newsflash, Newt: Presidents have been multilingual since the birth of this country. Here’s a short list:

  • John Adams, the second Presidint of the United States, spoke and wrote Latin fluently. He also dabbled in French. Hmmmm…
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote and spoke six languages: Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. Upn his death, it was discovered he studied additional languages, including Arabic, Gaelic, and Welsh. Arabic?!?!?  I could only imagine if someone on the Beltway was studying Arabic.
  • James Madison also studied LAtin. In addition, he counted Hebrew as another language he spoke and wrote.
  • John Quincy Adams was fluent in German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Greek.
  • Martin Van Buren didn’t even speak English as his first language. He spoke Dutch. Dutch!!
  • Theodore Roosevelt was fluent in French – both conversational and formal.
  • Herbert Hoover spoke Mandarin Chinese fluently. So Newt, would you call Herb a Communist to his face? Doubt it…

So a word to all you educated GOP’ers out there; if you speak any language other than English, keep it to yourself, lest you be branded one of those elitist types.

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