One Stop Shopping for the Athlete

18 Feb

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably run about a billion smaller races (5K, 10K, Half’s) and competed in all kinds of races (inline marathons, duathlons, etc.). Variety is the spice of life, right?!?

If you’re also like me, you probably can’t remember what your times were in all of these races, what your PR may have been, or other little tidbits of information about your races. Or you may not even know all your results period, or even where to find them.

Well fret no more my friends!! Have I got the website for you! There’s a nifty little site that provides you everything you could want or need in a “what the hell was my time for that 10K I ran back in 2007” website. Welcome to Athlinks…

This site quite literally does it all! And it is literally idiot proof…literally. Registration is quick and simple, and once you’re done, you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t done this a LONG time ago.

The first step is to create your user profile, which literally takes about a minute. Once you’re done, the next step is to go ahead and search for your results. Enter your name and voila!! You’ll be presented with a list of results that match your name. Now obviously, there may be someone else who shares your namesake (don’t worry, you’re still special!), so you’ll have to make sure the age and the location of the race are right. When you find your results, check the box next to them, click the “Claim My Results” button, and you, my friend, are good to go!

When you view your dashboard of results, you’ll see that Athlinks categorizes your results quite nicely. You can view your results by category or by year. And what’s great, is that their database of races is immense!! They had race results for me dating back to 2005 – my very first “race”!

Another great thing about Athlinks is it pulls in international result as well! And in the event a certain race you’re looking for doesn’t appear, you can submit a request to Athlinks for them to retrieve those results for you. There were at least three races I participated in that didn’t appear in my results. I submitted a request to Athlinks and BAMM!!! Two weeks later, there they were.

It will also track your PR’s for you which is pretty slick. Here’s a peek at the racer dashboard:

Athlinks dashboard...pretty slick, huh??

Athlinks dashboard…pretty slick, huh??

Not only does Athlinks provide one stop shopping for all your race results needs, it also serves as a great location to find local athletes with the same interests as you. You can also find friends of yours who just may be members of Athlinks as well. You can even CREATE your own running club!!

Looking for a club? Here's where you'll find it..

Looking for a club? Here’s where you’ll find it..

I highly recommend that ANYONE who’s an endurance athlete, or is even looking to get started, Athlinks is a great destination.

Go check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

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