My 2013 Dance Card Is Looking Pretty Full…Part Deux

3 Mar

So as if my race docket wasn’t full enough…

Apparently, I need to cram as much into a four month period as I possibly can.  Get outdoors, enjoy nature, right?

I don’t know HOW I found the moxie to add a few more events to my summer/fall race “to-do” list…but I did!! Probably gonna regret this, but what are ya gonna do??

Minnesota Half Marathon and 5K
August 3, 2013

Saint Paul, MN
Duathlon (Inline / Run)

This will be my third inline half marathon, but my first inline duathlon. So here’s how it breaks down. The first leg is a lovely 13.1 mile inline skate along the Mississippi River  – from Downtown St. Paul to the front steps of Fort Snelling and then back. Once the first leg is wrapped up, participants then embark on a 3.1 mile run along the river.

While ‘m not too concerned about distance, I am little curious as to how it’s going to feel running after blading for 13.1 miles!! I usually have a tricky time just walking – much less running a 5k afterwards.

This should be really interesting…to put it mildly.
North Shore Inline Marathon
September 14, 2013
Duluth, MN
Marathon (Inline)

I’ve done one inline marathon. That was the Metrodome Inline Marathon. That particular event took place on the perfectly smooth concrete floors of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. No traffic, no hills, no potholes…nada. Practilly broke the sound barrier!

This particular inline marathon takes place along the shores of Lake Superior in Two Harbors and Duluth, MN. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular.


That’s a whole lot of bladers…

Why does this remind of "Rollerbll"...?

Why does this remind of “Rollerball”…?

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon
October 6, 2013
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

This was the first marathon I had ever run. Ironically, it was the 25th anniversary of the Twin Cities Marathon. The tag line “The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon In America” is no joke!! The course winds through the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and covers some of the most gorgeous and picturesque areas of both cities. The lakes, the river, some of the most beautiful neighborhoods, and a culmination at the State Capitol.

This marathon cannot be beat. Period.

So that’s it kids!! I mean it!! No more!!! 😉


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