About Anthony

Anthony is a complex beast. Born to Dutch royalty, he struck out on his own at the ripe age of 13, discovering he had an uncanny knack for four square (not the social media thing) and Ball-In-ACup.

While these two past times were his first loves, he found he had an even uncannier knack for bellyaching and curmudgeonry. Hoping to capitalize on this God given gift, he realized his true path in life had been set. Although, little did he know, the world wasn’t quite ready for a skinny, fencing, brainy, four square player from Frogtown. But the myopic views of “civilized” society would not deter him. No sir…not at all.

While his audition to try out to be the third member of Statler and Waldorf did not go quite as planned, he still had his dreams. And about $85 in nickels.

Enter the digital age. Now you’re all stuck.


Bad Hair Day

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